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T-shirts have always been a must-have fashion item, simple and can be full of design, different printed T-shirts give a different feel, this category includes cotton printed T-shirts, polyester printed T-shirts, blended printed T-shirts, digital printing, heat transfer printed T-shirts, solid color and multi-color printed T-shirts

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How To Print Or Remove T-Shirt Design

This category focuses on the various printing methods for printed T-shirts, including different fabrics and colors of printed T-shirts, and how to make and remove printed graphics. This category is designed to allow customers to learn about the different printing methods, understand the advantages and disadvantages, and make the right choice for them.

How To Wholesale And Find The Best Printed T-Shirt Wholesaler

This category is mainly for those who want to customize bulk screen printed T-shirts and digital T-shirts, focusing on how to find wholesalers with high-quality printing process, explaining where to find quality wholesalers, what to do to prepare, how to identify, price comparison, wholesaler comparison and what to pay attention to when wholesaling

All You Need To Know About Printed T-Shirt Suppliers

This category is for people who focus on the printing process when wholesaling T-shirts, explaining how to find manufacturers with quality processes, understand their processes, what to consider when choosing, and how to work with manufacturers for the long term.

How To Find Good Printed T-Shirt Manufacturer

This category is for people who focus on the printing process when wholesaling T-shirts, explaining how to find manufacturers with quality processes, understand their processes, what to consider when choosing, and how to work with manufacturers for the long term.


Q1.what is t-shirt printing?

T-Shirt printing is the process of applying a design or image onto a T-Shirt using various printing techniques. There are many ways to print T-Shirt , including screen printing, direct-to-garment printing, heat transfer, dye sublimation, and vinyl cutting. Heat transfer printing is one of the most common methods of T-Shirt printing. Whether you want to create a new brand with your own design or create memorable T-Shirts for a specific event, T-Shirt printing can help you achieve a variety of unique options.

Q2.Where to find a good manufacturer of printed T-shirts

Online directories you can search for manufacturers in online directories such as Alibaba, ThomasNet, and MFG. These directories allow you to search for manufacturers based on location, product type, and other criteria. Trade shows attending trade shows can be a great way to meet manufacturers and see their products in person. Look for trade shows that focus on the clothing industry or the specific type of t-shirt you want to produce. Website searchSimply search for “t-shirt manufacturers” or “custom t-shirt printing” on major websites to get a list of potential manufacturers. Before contacting them, be sure to read reviews and check out their website.

Q3.What is wholesale printing of T-shirts

When we buy T-shirts in stores, we are purchasing retail T-shirts. Wholesale printed T-shirts, on the other hand, are T-shirts sold in bulk. The minimum order quantity for bulk T-shirts is usually 72 pieces, but this can vary by seller. Wholesale printed T-shirts are mainly sold by large distribution companies called wholesalers. Wholesalers sell retail brands that customers are familiar with, as well as T-shirts designed specifically for screen printing and other custom forms.

Q4.How do I find a good t-shirt supplier?

Determine your requirements: Identify your requirements, such as the type of T-shirt you need, the quality you want, the quantity you need to order, and your budget. Conduct online research: Use a search engine to look for T-shirt suppliers online. Look for suppliers with a good reputation, positive customer reviews, and a wide range of products. Compare prices and quality: Once you have a list of potential suppliers, compare their prices and product quality. Check their customer service: Contact the suppliers you are considering and assess their response time and helpfulness. Order samples: Before placing a large order, order samples from the suppliers you are considering.

Q5.What is T-shirt screen printing

Screen printing on T-shirts is a method that uses a specialized screen printing process to print designs or images onto T-shirts or other fabrics. This process involves creating a template (or “screen”) of the design or image, and then placing it onto the fabric. Ink is then pressed through the template onto the fabric using a squeegee, creating the printed image. Screen printing is a popular method for creating custom T-shirts, as it can be used to print designs of various colors and sizes, making it a versatile option for meeting a variety of T-shirt printing needs.

Q6.Who is the best wholesale T-shirt manufacturer?

It depends on various factors such as quality, price, location, and customer preferences. We recommend TOB wholesale because it provides the most accurate printing for your designs, the best quality among similar products, stable quality, a wide variety of styles, and fast updates.

Q7.What is the benefits of wholesale color transfer printing

High cost-effectiveness

Wholesale color transfer printing allows you to print a large quantity of designs at a lower unit cost, making it an economically effective way to print for businesses and individuals who need to print a large number of items.

High-quality printing

The color transfer printing process ensures that designs are printed at high resolutions, making it perfect for detailed images and complex designs.


Color transfer printing is known for producing durable and long-lasting prints because the ink is embedded into fabric fibers, meaning it won’t easily crack or fade.

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