How To Find The Top Manufacturer For Men’s Graphic Printed T-Shirts (2023)

How To Find The Top Manufacturer For Men's Graphic Printed T-Shirts

Quick Guide: How to Find the Top Manufacturer for Men’s Graphic Printed T-Shirts

In recent years, printed men’s t-shirts in different patterns have become more and more popular. If you run a men’s t-shirt clothing store, here are a few things you need to be aware of in order to effectively find the best suppliers of men’s graphic t-shirts:

  1. Conduct research
  2. Check quality
  3. Request samples
  4. Price setting
  5. Communication
  6. Evaluate
  7. Minimum Order Quantity

Continue reading to find the best men’s T-shirt manufacturer.

Men’s graphic T-shirts have always been best sellers in T-shirts. Most people think that solid-color T-shirts are a bit monotonous and boring. As a clothing store owner, you have to consider what kind of printed t-shirts to wholesale. You can create your own custom t-shirt designs, custom t-shirt printing, or print your company name on the t-shirts. In short, it is vital to find a supplier of the best custom-printed t-shirts. This article explains how to find the top men’s graphic print t-shirts and the 5 best men’s graphic t-shirt manufacturers.

What Is A Men’s Graphic Print T-Shirt?

Graphic printed T-shirts are T-shirts with designs or images printed on the fabric of the T-shirt. The design can range from simple logos or text to complex multi-colored graphics and patterns. Graphic-printed T-shirts are popular among people of all ages and are often used as a form of self-expression or to show support for a particular brand, cause, or cultural idol.

These T-shirts come in a variety of styles and designs, including round neck, V-neck, and scoop neck, and can be made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, polyester, and blends.

Men’s graphic printed T-shirts have also become a fashionable item, and the graphics make the T-shirt look more exquisite and unique. For men’s T-shirt store owners, choosing a good graphic T-shirt manufacturer is essential.

What Is A Graphic Print T Shirt

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Tips For Finding Men’s Graphic Printed T-Shirts Manufacturers

Finding the best t-shirt printing wholesale manufacturer can be a daunting task, but you can take some key steps to help narrow down your options and find the product that best suits your needs.

Conduct research: First, research different manufacturers online. Look for reviews, recommendations, and ratings on third-party sites such as Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot. Additionally, check out the manufacturer’s website and social media pages to get a better understanding of their products and services.

Check quality: The quality of the T-shirt is crucial to its success. Look for manufacturers that are known for using high-quality materials and producing durable T-shirts. You should also consider print quality, so check previous customer reviews to ensure that graphic prints are accurate and long-lasting.

Request samples: Once you have a list of potential manufacturers, you can request samples of their products. This will allow you to inspect the quality of materials, printing, and stitching. A physical examination of the samples is necessary to ensure that they meet your expectations and that the quality of the final product is guaranteed.

Tips For Finding Mens Graphic Printed T Shirts Manufacturers

Pricing: Pricing is an important factor when looking for the right manufacturer. Obtain quotes from different manufacturers and compare them to your budget. Keep in mind that price does not always equal quality. Be cautious of low prices, as they may indicate poor quality.

Communication: Good communication is key to a successful partnership. Look for manufacturers who respond promptly, are helpful, and willing to answer all your questions. You should also ensure that they are transparent about their production process, turnaround times, and shipping policies. Look for manufacturers who offer professional services and guarantee after-sales problem-solving.

Evaluation: How to evaluate T-shirt wholesalers? Make a list of potential suppliers and look for reviews and ratings from previous customers to determine the supplier’s reputation and reliability. Also, check if the supplier has an actual address and contact information so that you can contact them in case of any problems.

Minimum Order Quantity: T-shirt minimum order quantity refers to the minimum quantity requirement for T-shirts by manufacturers or suppliers when making T-shirt order plans. This is usually formulated due to factors such as production costs, inventory costs, and shipping costs.

Generally speaking, the higher the MOQ of T-shirts, the lower the price, because manufacturers can reduce costs through mass production and procurement.

Tips For Finding Mens Graphic Printed T Shirts Manufacturers 1

Top 5 Men’s Graphic Printed T-Shirts Suppliers


It is a custom supplier that caters to various budget needs, offering products ranging from $10 to $90. Whether you are a new T-shirt store or an established business, it can provide you with the right things.

Their brand portfolio includes popular brands such as ASOS, Adidas, and Head Honcho, making it an ideal choice for those seeking custom-printed T-shirts from these brands. In addition, they offer free shipping and returns, so you can shop with confidence.

Top 5 Mens Graphic Printed T Shirts Suppliers

TOB Wholesale

Bulk ordering of TOB’s men’s pattern T-shirts is the most cost-effective choice. TOB’s prices are highly competitive, with wholesale prices typically around $10, allowing customers to save on their budget without sacrificing quality. Its are of high-quality screen printing manufacturer, with excellent after-sales reviews.

TOB’s bulk ordering can save you a lot of money and provide the best value. Its products are categorized by color, size, and stock status. As a wholesaler, TOB Wholesale offers free design and review services, helping customers consult with professional designers and receive advice before making shirts to ensure that the products meet their needs and expectations.

TOB Wholesale 9


Boohoo is a one-stop shop for buying men’s patterned and printed T-shirts. You can enjoy up to 50% off on various products including T-shirts, vests, and suits when you make a purchase. More importantly, they offer free shipping for all orders. T-shirts and vests start at only $5, with wholesale prices starting at $15.

With Boohoo, you can track your order in real-time and view shipping information, which is particularly useful for store owners who need urgent delivery services. Boohoo also offers various discounts and promotional coupons to help you save even more when making a purchase.



H&M offers a wide variety of men’s patterned and printed T-shirts. If you’re looking for unique graphic prints or want to create your own custom T-shirt design, you can choose from various colors and designs, including band tees and other popular culture images, logos, solid prints, bold prints, and more.

From vintage images to classic stripes, they cater to various design needs. You can select the appropriate pattern design for your store’s target market.



PacSun offers popular culture tees, branded and logo tees, and oversized tees for men, with prices ranging from $14 to $400. If your store needs a variety of printed pattern designs, keeping up with trends and fashion, PacSun is a good choice.

They offer diverse brands, including Playboy, Coca-Cola, 47 Brand, Out Of This World, and more. If you like these brands or your target market is their fans, you can consider their men’s patterned custom T-shirts.



In summary, when looking for suppliers for custom t-shirts, it’s important to consider factors such as quality, service, price, and more. You can conduct online research on Google or social media platforms, check the quality of their products, and request samples to understand the advantages of each wholesaler and match them with your own needs. TOB Wholesale Website is a high-quality and affordable wholesaler with guaranteed product quality, and it’s easy to place orders. You can view their various case studies and reviews to select the products you need.


How do I find the right Tshirt manufacturer?

When selecting a T-shirt manufacturer, you should consider several key factors, such as production、quality、Turnaround time、Price、After-sales service.

Is a graphic t-shirt business profitable?

Yes, you can sell T-shirts with your own art, text, or any other content, and come up with pattern designs as a way to make a profit. In addition, the T-shirt business can also allow you to earn a small profit on each item sold, which can be an important source of additional income.

Who is the best wholesale t-shirt manufacturer?

You can customize it according to your own needs.

Gildan: This brand offers a wide range of styles and colors and is popular among consumers.

Hanes: This brand provides comfortable and high-quality t-shirts, with multiple series to meet different needs.

Bella+Canvas: This brand focuses on designing modern and fashionable t-shirts while emphasizing sustainability.

Adler Group: This brand offers high-quality, fashionable, and diverse t-shirt options.

Cotton Connection: This brand offers t-shirts in a variety of colors and styles suitable for all occasions.

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