How To Find Prom Dress For Wholesale -To Make Money in 2023

How to Find Prom Dress for Wholesale

In this article, you will get

7 Basic Steps to build a connection with prom dress wholesalers

  • Step 1: Do research online for prom dress wholesalers
  • Step 2: Make a list of wholesalers which you think are worth a try
  • Step 3: Contact the wholesalers and inquire about their product range, prices, and delivery terms.
  • Step 4: Compare the prices and terms of each wholesaler and select the one that best meets your needs.
  • Step 5: Place an order with the selected wholesaler and make payment.
  • Step 6: Receive the prom dress and inspect it for quality and accuracy. And record the shipping time
  • Step 7: If satisfied, accept the shipment and enjoy your new prom dress!

10 Specific Ways to find prom dress for wholesale (Step by Step + Summary Chart)

1.Find prom dress wholesalers on Google Search –

Firstly, go visit, and type “prom dress wholesaler” in the Google search box, and you can see there are results of ads showing wholesalers that sell prom dresses in bulk.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

Click each ad to see the prom dress collection on their website, search if their styles, prices, and stock condition are good for you, if the shipping policy and return policy are acceptable.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

Besides, there are organic results below the Google Ad results.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

Each result means one prom dress wholesaler, you can click the result title and visit their websites. I suggest you check more websites and compare them with each other, and find wholesalers that have styles and prices that attract you. In this way, you won’t lose in the first step to the success of your retail business.

*Attention: When you browse online wholesaler websites, you need to figure out if they are domestic or overseas. Normally, domestic wholesalers have the advantage of faster shipping service, but the higher costs for prom dresses. While overseas wholesalers have the advantage of lower cost in prom dresses, but longer shipping time.

*Suggestion: Choose domestic if you care more about shipping time, and choose overseas if you care more about the margin.

2.Find prom dress wholesalers on Google Shopping –

Enter the google shopping tab and type “prom dress wholesaler” in the search box, then you will find some prom dresses at cheap prices.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

Go visit the website of the cheap prom dress, you may find a bunch of cheap prom dresses.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

Browse and find the styles you like and place a small order for a trial if you are OK with their shipping and return policies.

3.Find prom dress wholesalers on Google Maps –

Google Maps is a good place to find the wholesaler near your place. Enter Google Maps and search “prom dress wholesaler”, and you can see many contacts of dress wholesalers.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

You can call them with your requests, or visit their website to see their products and policies if they are qualified.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

Additionally, you can check the review below each result title and see how good or bad they are, avoid the bad ones.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

This method is similar to attending the trade show (which will be introduced below), both can help you find offline wholesalers and see their products in person.

*Attention: Same as attending the trade show, it will cost you a lot of time and money to find a reliable prom dress wholesaler, if you are just a startup and don’t have the budget, better choose the online wholesaler at the beginning.

*Suggestion: Get in touch with the wholesaler and browse their websites before you go to visit their brick-mortar store.

4.Find prom dress wholesalers on Google Image –

After searching for prom dress wholesalers, click on the picture of the category. It will display a variety of styles and types. These are the images with their own links, you can select some items and then extend to the main page of the website to find the wholesaler.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

*Attention: When you browse online wholesaler websites, you need to figure out if they are domestic or overseas. Normally, domestic wholesalers have the advantage of faster shipping service, but the higher costs for prom dresses. While overseas wholesalers have the advantage of lower cost in prom dresses, but longer shipping time.

*Suggestion: Choose domestic if you care more about shipping time, choose overseas if you care more about the margin.

5.Find prom dress wholesalers on Retail Service Platform

There are many online retail service platforms such as

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

You can visit these 2 platforms and search for “prom dress”, then you can see a bunch of suppliers that sell prom dress wholesale. I’m sure you can find a supplier there that satisfies you in the aspect of styles, price, shipping time and after-sale services.

Additionally, there are several large online B2B marketplaces where you can buy huge numbers of products at low prices:

*Attention: most of suppliers on the platform are from China, they can provide a lot of styles of prom dresses at dramatically low prices for you, which is good for your business, but you need to look at their products quality and shipping time, check the reviews for the suppliers, talk to their customer service before you know about them. You need to be careful to find a new supplier on the platform.

*Suggestions: Choose the suppliers that gain 4.5+ ratings on their profile.

6.Find prom dress wholesalers on LinkedIn

You can also explore wholesalers on LinkedIn, develop your LinkedIn profile, and search “prom dress wholesale” in the search box, then you can see a lot of people doing wholesale business in the dress industry, contact them directly.

*Note: You need to pay for LinkedIn’s premium service to access their profile and get their contact.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

Or subscribe to industry newsletters and join your local Chamber of Commerce or small business networking groups to build your professional connections.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

It’s a good path to expand the range of the wholesaler that may fit your business.

*Attention: there are answers made by the website employees, so don’t trust all answers 100%, browse the wholesalers for the answer and see their website, and check if the website is well built, the style, price and policy are good for you.

*Suggestion: Use this method to find more wholesalers that didn’t appear on the search engine.

7.Find prom dress wholesalers on social media groups

Firstly, visit Click the Groups in the side menu, then you can search for groups that are relative to the prom dress wholesale.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

Facebook groups are the place where you can meet industry peers. Once you’ve established some relationships, you can ask them to share their tips and tricks for finding prom dress wholesalers. Or you can just ask them for reliable prom dress wholesalers that they work well for a long time. After all, the wholesalers recommended by other retailers are approved, isn’t it?

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

*Attention: there are groups that are hosted by two types of individuals: retailer or wholesaler employees, make sure the Facebook groups you are in are hosted by retailers.

*Suggestion: No matter what type of group you are in, check their feedback to the wholesaler and visit their website in person to see if they are qualified to support your business.

8.Find prom dress wholesalers on online forums

There are some useful posts on online forums such as Quora (, you can meet the question that raised by the boutique owners like you. Just search “Prom Dress Wholesale” and see if there are answers to your questions. Many answers have recommended some prom dress wholesalers for the viewers.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

Participate in online forums that can be a great source of free information, and get help from other people with market or industry experience.

9.Attending wholesale trade shows

If you want to talk to the supplier in person and touch the product quality with your fingers, or if you want to attend an educational seminar, the trade show is an ideal way for you. Here I found a website ( where you can get a list of trade show 2023 in the apparel industry, the website has a filter that you can select the trade show location in your favor, very convenient and useful.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

Select the trade show that is near your place, and go attend a trade show for your business.

*Attention: Attending the trade show will cost you time and money, because you need to buy tickets for the airplane and trade show, and there is a limited quantity of styles for you to browse.

*Suggestion: It’s worth attending the trade show, you can build up a relationship with the suppliers and get their competitive price. You can get a lot of knowledge about the industry through the seminar.

10.Find prom dress wholesalers on Apps

In Apple App Store or Google Play, you search “wholesale” and can find some wholesalers apps.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale

Faire Wholesale

With the Faire mobile app, retailers are invited to shop wholesale whenever, wherever. Use the app to easily shop in the Faire marketplace on the go, view your wholesale orders and shipping info, and discover thousands of new brands your customers will love. Shop unique lines for your store.

Find Prom Dress For Wholesale


The DHgate shopping app allows free access, and the DHgate wholesale marketplace on the go – connecting you directly to wholesale sellers and getting you cheap prices. It provides a one-stop solution for your online purchasing, from international shipping and payment.

I conclude the advantages and disadvantages of each method in the chart below.

Store & Trade ShowsCheck quality & fabric in person.Too few styles.
Google Image & Google ShoppingPlenty of styles to choose.Information is not organized.
Google SearchDirectly contact the wholesaler of the independent site.No quality guarantee, but cost you time to figure it out.
Wholesale AppConvenient.Insufficient functionality.
B2B Wholesale like aliexpress, alibabaPlenty of wholesalers and manufacturers. Large variants.No quality guaranteed. Set minimum orders for wholesale.

What to consider when choosing Prom dress wholesalers?

1.Set Your Sourcing Budget & List

Quality and price are the two factors on which no one can compromise. Therefore, it would be the best option to get the product following your budget. And always try to get cheap products. Meanwhile, you need to make a list of purchases and specify the number of categories to buy to ensure that the spending does not exceed the limit.

2.Analyze prom dress quality of the websites found

Even the most beautiful wholesale dresses can look and feel cheap and poorly crafted in person. The image of the model wearing the dress is nearly always touched up in a photo editing program to show both the model and the modeled clothing in the best light. In fact, sometimes less reputable companies do not even model the exact product, but a similar better-crafted product made specifically to be modeled. Besides ordering a trial batch of the dresses, you can look for reviews of the product online to ensure you receive a quality garment. Finding out what other people thought of the dresses you are considering ordering can give you an idea of the product’s craftsmanship. If you end up ordering the dress and it is not what you imagined, make a point to review the product to let others know in the future.

3.Ordering a small trial batch of the dresses can end up saving time and money

Wholesale dresses are sold in pieces, with each dress being one piece. Most wholesale companies require customers to purchase a minimum amount of pieces to order from them. This way, the company spends less time dealing with handling and packaging and can pass its savings onto the customers. On the other hand, this rule can make ordering a trial purchase difficult. If you want to ensure your happiness with the product by ordering one or very few wholesale dresses at first, contact the company to explain and give it a chance to work with you.

Proficiency in Shipping Policy

Read and learn Shipping Policies for buying wholesale prom dresses. It’s always better if a supplier has a generous return policy, because this will give you more confidence in their products and service than if they were not so kind, as this would mean that there is no guarantee that any issues with an order can be resolved satisfactorily by either party involved within its terms before returning items back again, which could even lead to losing money altogether (if any).

Have a Good Relationship With Wholesale Suppliers

Start contacting dress wholesalers, either using the manufacturer’s database, phonebook lists, or a wholesale directory you would like to find out:

  • Their minimum requirements for ordering
  • Their prices for wholesale units
  • The region where they provide

You can make this initial contact by telephone or email, then follow up by telephone if you need more information or want to move on. Be honest about what you’re looking for and don’t try to sound bigger than your capability.

Don’t Worry About Making A Mistake

Your first wholesale clothing distributor may not be a long-term provider for you. Creating your perfect supply chain is an evolution that involves many trials and errors.

Your first goal is to get a product delivered. Then, while you continue to build and grow your business, you can improve your bottom line by trying other wholesale clothing distributors.

Is there a dress wholesaler that is reliable and convenient?

Yes, introducing TOBWHOELSALE.COM,it provides trendy women’s fashion wear to small, medium, and large retailers with competitive factory prices around the world. No Minimum Order! Anyone can buy one piece at the best price. TOBWHOLESALE always have partnerships with a series of manufacturers in China that offer better quality of clothing than SHEIN does. Sometimes TOBWHOLESALE may negotiate on the price with the manufacturer to offer a bunch of clothing at prices even lower than the manufacturing cost for special promotions for TOBWHOLESALE’s retailers. TOBWHOLESALE have a team of fashion buyers that closely follow fashion shows and magazines, ensuring the style of clothing is trending and attractive for your customers in your country. TOBWHOLESALE have a team of customer services that will always respond to all messages within 3 minutes during working time. TOBWHOLESALE use shipping methods by FEDEX/UPS/DHL, which are international express shipping couriers, safe and fast (insurance is covered by us). And the service is door-to-door delivery.

If you are new to prom dress retailing or seeking a new wholesale supplier for your business, you can give TOBWHOELSALE.COM a try!

FAQs for prom dress retailers

Q: When should you start shopping for prom dresses?

A: It’s safe to say that most girls will want to look as great as possible for their big night! That’s why you need to start to restock your prom dress at least three months in advance. Whether you intend to buy online or in a store, the greatest approach to acquiring a prom dress is to look and shop early!

Q: What is a reasonable price for a prom dress?

A: The Prom Dress is $85 – $700, don’t be too expensive or too cheap, be reasonable. Prom dresses will most likely be the most expensive part of attending prom for girls. Even if girls plan on making their own dresses, fabric for formal gowns isn’t cheap. If possible, plan their appearance ahead of time so you can get a higher chance of success in your business.

Q: Why do people buy prom dresses so early?

A: Advantages of Buying Your Prom Dress Early: Avoids the rush and ensures girls get the dress of their dreams. Allows time for special order items. Avoids rush shipping charges and stress, if buying their prom dress online. This leaves plenty of time to find a seamstress for alterations, if needed.

Q: When is prom season 2023

A: March 31 (Friday)

Q: How long did it take for you to receive the dress? I saw another review where it said it would take 10-15 days to make and another two weeks for it to be sent. My daughter’s prom is in March 2022 so I’m curious about your experience with the shipment.

A: Yes correct 10-15 days to make, however, you can see if Express shipping is available for that time frame

Pushing it a little close. However, I suggest that you contact them via chat and inform them of your prom date, and see if they can speed up the process

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