Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets – To Make Money in 2023

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

Whether you want to sell loungewear sets or pajama sets, buying wholesale loungewear sets is the best way to get loungewear sets at low prices, so you can include your markup and then sell your items for a good profit. Now the most important thing is where to buy wholesale loungewear sets, I’m gonna introduce some great wholesale loungewear sets suppliers that I have found for you.

To get you a valuable list of truly reliable and good wholesale loungewear sets suppliers that can help improve your loungewear sets business, I will inspect those brands in an aspect of

  1. How many wholesale loungewear sets do they provide
  2. The price range of wholesale loungewear sets
  3. The shipping time
  4. Whether they have minimum order requirements
  5. Whether they require you a resale certificate
  6. How many methods are there for you to contact them directly
  7. Whether they post frequently on their Instagram accounts
  8. Are there plenty of people following their Instagram account
  9. Do they have loyal customers
  10. How many people search for their brands on Google
  11. Do their websites search function work well

Let’s dive in!

3 Brands Where You Can Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

  1. Alibaba |

Alibaba is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, and technology. Alibaba is a wholesale directory where you can find manufacturers for your products as well as already-made products. In some circles, is considered the largest e-commerce site in the world rivaling

Now one of the prime differences between and is that is more of a storefront, while offers a wholesale directory offering you the ability to source your products online.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

I searched for “loungewear sets” on and filtered the results by “Verified manufacturers”, then I saw there are results of 23 valid pages, each page has 20 suppliers, meaning that there are more than 460 verified wholesale loungewear set suppliers on for you.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

The main benefit of is that you can quickly access thousands of suppliers and products with a simple search and the interface is intuitive and easy to use and you can get full audit reports on any factory on the platform.

The main disadvantage of is that everyone buys from The best suppliers are often not on because they already have an established customer base and don’t want to deal with random inquiries. In addition, is flooded with middlemen and trading companies, so you have to sort through a sea of suppliers before you find a good one.

Unfortunately, not every supplier on is as reputable as they should be. In fact, you might find that some suppliers end up selling low-quality products that can cause you problems with your customers.

To help you safely buy wholesale loungewear sets on, I found a video about How To Buy From Alibaba Safely with 8.7K likes, this YouTuber has 181K followers. You can watch the video by clicking the link.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

To minimize the risk of finding scamming wholesale suppliers on, you should

  1. Search for suppliers with filters “Verified manufacturers”;
  2. Check the “Trade Assurance”, so the shipping time is guaranteed and the refund will be handled by Alibaba’s official;
  3. Always check the ratings and reviews, and see if there are complaints about product quality and shipping time.
Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

Now I believe you know how to buy wholesale loungewear sets on Alibaba, safely and confidently.

  1. Dear-lover |

Dear-Lover is a well-known wholesale women’s clothing. With their unique position, expertise, and strategies, they are able to provide affordable, high-quality and fashionable women’s clothing and lingerie to more than 15,000 wholesalers and retailers in excess of 160 nations around the world.

On the loungewear sets collection page on their website, there are 66 pieces of wholesale loungewear sets (found by name including lounge). And the price ranges from 1.99 to 15.30 USD. You can visit this page at this link.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

Generally, dear-lover delivers their wholesale loungewear within 7-12 working days by DHL/FedEx/UPS.

They have minimum order requirements (known as MOQ) specific to each piece of clothing, some wholesale loungewear sets have no MOQ, while some have MOQ. As you can see, I have tried to add one loungewear sets to the cart and it says I have to add 6 pieces of this SKU to the cart.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

I suggest you go browse the wholesale loungewear sets you are interested in on their website products, to see if there is a MOQ to that product.

Besides, they do not require me a resale certificate or business license, all I need to do is register an account at checkout and then place the order.

On their Contact Us page, there are 1 project manager and 5 sales managers who you can get in touch with, which is convenient for loungewear sets retailers to communicate with the wholesale supplier.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

On their Instagram account “dearlover_official”, they have 38.4K followers.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

In the past 7 days, they have updated 13 posts on their Instagram account, which means their business is running normally, it is fine for you to contact them right now.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

To find out if they have loyal customers, I found the data of average monthly searches on their brand keyword “dearlover” with Google Keyword Planner, which means how many people know their brand and are searching for their brand and buying their wholesale clothing.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are 5-figure people searching for their brand, which means they have a lot of returning loyal customers and they are satisfied with dear-lover’s clothing quality and service.

If you are looking for a wholesale loungewear sets supplier, I think is worth a shot.

  1. TOBWholesale | is a well-known Chinese clothing supplier that does wholesale loungewear provides trendy women’s fashion wear to small, medium, and large retailers with competitive factory prices around the world.

TOBWholesale always has partnerships with a series of manufacturers in China that offer better quality clothing than does. Sometimes may negotiate on the price with the manufacturer to offer a bunch of clothing at prices even lower than the manufacturing cost for special promotions for TOBWholesale’s customers and retailers.

They set no minimum order requirements for all clothing on the website. Anyone can buy one piece at the best price. No business license or resale certificate is required for ordering.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

TOBWholesale has a team of fashion buyers that closely follow fashion shows and magazines, ensuring the style of clothing is trending and attractive for your customers in your country.

TOBWholesale has a team of customer services that will always respond to all messages within 3 minutes during working time.

TOBWholesale ships loungewear sets by FEDEX/UPS/DHL, the estimated shipping time is 3-7 working days. And the shipping service is door-to-door delivery.

There is one of the regular customers who continuously buy wholesale clothing from for over 1 year, has placed dozens of wholesale orders.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets
Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets
Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets
Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

There are 6,000+ followers on their Instagram account, which means there are thousands of people liking their products, it’s a potentially rising wholesale clothing brand.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets


wholesale loungewear sets are in a niche that not many wholesalers can provide wholesale loungewear sets in good quality and plenty of styles. It takes you time and money to find a proper loungewear sets wholesaler for your business. You need to figure them out by knowing what to look at when determining a loungewear sets wholesaler to cooperate with.

FAQs about Where to Buy Wholesale Loungewear Sets

  1. Why get loungewear sets for wholesale from wholesale?

It’s an ideal way to make your business successful, because

  • Wholesale supplier offers low-selling pricing.
  • You can have handsome earnings.
  • You will get loungewear sets for wholesale from multiple distributors bringing more variety and trendy designs to your boutique.
  1. What are the best loungewear sets for wholesale suppliers?

In brief, loungewear sets for wholesale suppliers that provide a large range of styles, good quality, low prices, fast shipping, and considerate after-sale service are the best. You must know some shopping platforms like Alibaba, but I still want to recommend, a B2B online wholesale market for you. I purchased a batch of women’s tops from last week, and they feel pretty good, the price is low, the quality is good, and the styles are particularly good.

You need to find a reliable supplier, you can go up and browse. It will be updated every week.

After all, there are more than 30,000 unique styles of clothing.

Q: Who makes the most comfortable loungewear?

A: Everlane. It’s no doubt that Everlane has perfected everyday basics. And

  • Madewell
  • Alo
  • Hill House Home
  • Lululemon
  • UGG
  • Free People

Q: What is the difference between loungewear and Pyjamas?

A: In short, pajamas are for sleep, and loungewear is for lounging — even if your definition of lounging means “running errands comfortably” or “sitting outside chatting with the neighbors.” Think of what lounging means for you, then make sure your loungewear is a step up from pajamas.

Q: How often should your customers change loungewear sets?

A: For loungewear sets, they suggest washing them after three or four wears. That’s about two pairs of loungewear sets a week. Inspirationally, you can sell 2 sets of loungewear sets to your customers on a weekly basis. While this standard is a recommendation, it’s not the general norm.

Q: Is loungewear still in style 2023?

A: Ever since 2020, we’ve seen a continuing increase in loungewear on the market. The standout comfy trends started out as something to look forward to while staying home, and cozy pieces have now become everyday staples.

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