Where to Buy Prom Dress for Wholesale – 2023

Where to Buy Prom Dress for Wholesale - 2023

Finding and buying prom dress for wholesale is essential for prom dress business. Prom dresses are for ladies to shine on social occasions, and it is also the magic of showing style at long table dinners. When the company’s annual meeting, business dinner and other formal occasions come one after another to invite you, how can there not be a stunning prom dress for everyone?

Therefore, the development of prom dresses is very prospective. If you want to find wholesale websites and suppliers to buy prom dress for wholesale, then the list I made in this article is definitely your best choice at present. They can provide wholesale of all kinds of prom dresses in different styles and qualities. Well, the most important thing is that the wholesale price is more than 70% cheaper than the price from typical suppliers, and it can also provide fast shipping services, which is very convenient and fast, and it is your one-stop website for buying prom dress for wholesale!

7 Websites to Buy Prom Dress For Wholesale

  1. The Dress Outlet –
Where to Buy Prom Dress for Wholesale - 2023

The dress outlet, a Los Angeles-based company, was established in 2008 with the mission of bringing affordable, quality bridal wear to the masses. Since that time, the prom dress Outlet has expanded to offer not only wedding prom dresses and gowns, but bridesmaid prom dresses, prom dresses, and formal wear in a variety of styles and colors. They are passionate about providing not just beautiful prom dresses, but an excellent experience that lasts from the moment you place your order to the moment you slip into something stunning on your special day.

Since our inception, they have built a reputation for providing superior customer service. The prom dress Outlet are proud to offer free shipping on all orders and free returns, so you can shop with confidence. If you are searching for a website where you can buy formal prom dresses or high-end designer wear wholesale at an affordable price, then the prom dress Outlet is the right place for you!

  1. TOBwholeasale –
Where to Buy Prom Dress for Wholesale - 2023, a well-known Chinese clothing supplier that sells prom dress for wholesale, provides trendy women’s fashion wear to small, medium, and large retailers with competitive factory prices around the world. No Minimum Order! Anyone can buy one piece at the best price. TOBWHOLESALE always has partnerships with a series of manufacturers in China that offer better quality clothing than SHEIN does. Sometimes TOBWHOLESALE may negotiate on the price with the manufacturer to offer a bunch of clothing at prices even lower than the manufacturing cost for special promotions for TOBWHOLESALE’s retailers.

TOBWHOLESALE has a team of fashion buyers that closely follow fashion shows and magazines, ensuring the style of clothing is trending and attractive for your customers in your country.

TOBWHOLESALE has a team of customer services that will always respond to all messages in 3 minutes during working time.

TOBWHOLESALE uses shipping methods by FEDEX/UPS/DHL, which are international express shipping couriers, safe and fast (insurance is covered by us). And our service is a door-to-door delivery.

  1. Ever Pretty Garment Inc.-
Where to Buy Prom Dress for Wholesale - 2023

With 18 years of experience in the fashion industry, Ever Pretty Garment Inc. has served thousands of customers across the globe. We offer the personalized service of customizing prom dress lines for clients to create a unique shopping experience.

The mission of Ever Pretty Garment Inc. is to supply ladies’ clothing market with women’s prom dresses, support world trade and contribute to global commerce on a small, yet significant level.

The Ever Pretty design team creates a large selection of high-quality, trendy prom dresses at competitive prices. Their CEO, Anna Shi, created the company with the goal of enhancing women’s prom dress fashion on a global scale, by producing superior women’s prom dresses with exquisite design.

  1. FAIRE-
Where to Buy Prom Dress for Wholesale - 2023

At Faire, they are empowering entrepreneurs around the world with prom dress for wholesale and support their boutique business. Faire believes the future is local. Now more than ever, consumers are choosing to support local shops over big-box chains. There are millions of thriving small businesses in North America, Europe, and Australia alone, which collectively represent a trillion-dollar market. With Faire global community and the power of technology, Faire helps improve the growth of entrepreneurs everywhere.

Faire, established in 2017, has a simple vision: to help small businesses gather together to compete with Walmart and Amazon. Today, Faire is the online marketplace where retailers discover their next bestsellers from independent brands across the globe.

  1. PROMFY –
Where to Buy Prom Dress for Wholesale - 2023

Bridal & Prom Dress for Wholesale

“High Quality, Competitive Price, Designer Style, No Middleman”

One of key features of PROMFY is they are duplicating designer prom dresses with high quality. While specializing in retailing, they also accept small wholesale orders from group buyers (such as bridesmaids, school or company’s evening parties), bridal boutiques, salons, rental shops, etc.

  • No middle man, lower cost as a result;
  • No minimum order, you can order one piece;
  • OEM service available, customize your products;
  • High-quality duplicate from any designer styles;
  • The larger the quantity, the more favorable the price;
  1. Wholesale Fashion Square –
Where to Buy Prom Dress for Wholesale - 2023

At Wholesale Fashion Square, they clearly know what your boutique needs to succeed! From women’s clothes, accessories, and makeup to trendy, high-quality fashion items, they provide what you’re looking for at the best prices. Wholesale Fashion Square has a regular relationship with many partners that can lower design and manufacturing costs so you don’t overpay and instead get to pass on the savings to your customers.

  1. LA Merchandise –
Where to Buy Prom Dress for Wholesale - 2023

LA Merchandise was established in Los Angeles, CA in 2007, LA Merchandise Inc. is a manufacturer, importer, & wholesaler of women’s, men’s, & children’s fashion. They distribute worldwide ladies evening prom dresses, prom gowns, formal, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, plus size, etc, as well as Men’s & boys tuxedos/suits, & little girls’ prom dresses.

LA Merchandise only sells wholesale, no retail; and as a retailer you don’t have to worry about your supplier competing with you. They pride themselves on customer service and providing their retail stores with the highest quality goods.


The fashion industry for women is like a honeycomb maze. The more you dive in, the more you will realize just how many varieties prevail in the fashion world, offering women a range of options to make their appearance a buzzing sensation in any event they might attend.

There are lots of types of prom dress for wholesale, such as midi prom dresses, mini prom dresses, maxi prom dresses, A-line prom dress, ball gowns, off-shoulder prom dresses, fit and flare, trumpet skirts, prom dresses are only a few top choices preferred by young girls wanting to shine at their high school balls, formal dinners, and international galas. Young ladies are always on the lookout for exquisite prom dresses that make them stand out from the crowd. So your boutique has to provide plenty of styles of prom dresses for girls to choose from.

This puts more pressure on you as a prom dress retailer to expand your prom dress collection to get the attention of every woman in town! The market is massive for prom dresses, but to earn a reasonable profit, you need to invest in prom dress for wholesale.

At this time, it is particularly important to choose the prom dress wholesale website with the best quality and best price, reliable customer service and fast shipping service, which is related to the long-term development and bright future of your store. Hope this recommended list of prom dress wholesale can help you!

FAQs about Where to Buy Prom Dress for Wholesale

  1. Where do you usually shop for prom dresses for your prom dress boutique?

Honestly, TOBwholesale is my one-stop destination for trendy, cute prom dresses. You can rely on the site for the trendiest gowns or the most coveted deals for your gorgeous prom and special occasion prom dresses. Whether you want a sparkly maxi prom dress or a short prom dress, you’ll want to head to this store because whatever you end up picking will likely be $30 less.

  1. What are some tips on choosing a prom dress for wholesale?

Choose prom dresses that compliment your personality. Whether you are shopping for prom dresses or other kinds of evening wear, the first step is to think about what kind of event you are attending. These are some tips that you can use when you are choosing it: If you want to make an impression, choose something simple and elegant like a prom dress with lace detailing or a prom dress with a splashy print on it.

If you are going to be with your friends, then you can create your own kind of fashion style by choosing a unique and exotic style. If you are going to have fun and party with friends on prom night, then you can choose evening wear that is inspired by the nightlife.

  1. Is there any legit website for cheap prom dress for wholesale?

Yes, as the online retail industry continues to grow, there are tons of online stores offering cheap prom dresses these days. If you want cheap, trendy and bold prom dresses, Wholesale05 is worth exploring! With their voluminous illusion panels, bold backs and cutouts they are the latest prom dress trend sure to stand out! Browse through their website and you’ll find that their prom dress collection has something for every girl, with an amazing color selection from soft pastels to bright hues to trendy metallic shades. Additionally, they offer petite and plus-size prom dress collections to cater to every need.

  1. Why get prom dress for wholesale from wholesale supplier?

Getting Prom Dress for Wholesale gives you a bunch of benefits such as:

  • Low buying pricing.
  • Generating a handsome earning.
  • Getting prom dresses from multiple distributors brings more variety and trendy designs to your outlet.
  • Prom outfits can also be sold as party prom dresses, ball gowns, bridesmaid prom dresses and are even perfect for formal evening parties and club events.

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