From luxe heels to swanky sneakers – here are the best shoe styles to hype your wardrobe.

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With the world slowly coming back on the roads after the covid hit, the glimmer of fashion is slowly revealing the shoe trends for 2022. Fashion weeks this year not only focused on the upcoming trends in the clothing industry but the models were seen rocking some of the hottest footwear on the ramp. The talk of the town in those fashion weeks were Louis Vuitton for bringing back the fashionable gladiators, Chanel for adding extra oomph to the double C heels, and Versace for decorating the towering mules.          

Motivating you to move on from your beloved uggs & crocs – It’s time to embrace a new shoe closet for the season. Stay with us for the top 8 counts for the shoe trends for 2022.  

 Women’s classy sandals:

The choices for sandals are endless. With different designs, textures, and colors you get to style your outfit and soak in the summer sunshine. Here are a few options you can shop here on TOB:

  1. Platform heels- Both fashionable and cozy at the same time, platform heels or wedges are back in the game. If you find yourself hobbling due to pain, wedge sandals are a terrific alternative to high heels. They help with posture and balance, which can be challenging due to the prominent heel. But it’s not quite the same as walking in high heels. 
  2. Leather sandals- Leather sandals have been popular for a long time. Now, sandals might be pricey, especially if you want a decent brand. They do not, however, fall out of style easily. Before getting your hands on these, one of the most important things to do is to inspect them for quality. Here at TOB, you are free to browse through our latest collection of leather sandals that won’t drill a hole in your pocket.  
  3. Rope Sandals- Rope sandals, composed of closely woven leather straps, are another type of footwear without actual straps. Invented by the Japanese back in the 12th century, these are the go-to for your beach vacation. Feel the freedom under your feet as you shuffle in the sand.
  4. Lace sandals- Hitting the sophistication, lace sandals are similar to rope sandals but instead of rope or leather strips, these are more on the elegant side due to the usage of high-end lace fabric. Perfect to pair with your collection of sundress, midi, or skirt of any length- lace sandals are both chic and versatile.     

 Chunky Sneakers- 

Sneakers were produced by the U.S Rubber Company back in 1892. As the fashion industry took twists & turns, so did the sneakers. Women’s chunky sneakers are on hype as these often come in bold colorways and heavy platforming. These can be overwhelming to style at first but once you crack the code there is no turning back. Add a little twist to every look in your lookbook and shop for your piece here at TOB.  

Women shoe collection

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 Chunky heels.

Practical, functional & comfortable- chunky heels aka block heels are a wardrobe essential. Ranging from medium blocks to sleek back chunk heels, you get to pick & choose your mood. The structure of the footwear has a cushioned inner sole that mainly supports the arc making it comfortable to wear. Without bearing the pain of heels these chunks are your go-to option to look stylish & graceful at the same time. 

Scroll our collection to find your favorite piece.

 High Heels.  

Let’s agree we all love to flirt with those high heels of ours. As stated out loud & bold by fashion icon Marilyn Monroe -”I dont know who invented high heels, but all women owe him alot” we too think the same. With over 30 styles on the table why limit yourself to just one type of heel? Experiment with a variety of heels and sandals, including kitten heels, pump heels, and even gladiator tie-ups with a block heel. When it comes to heel styles, the world is your oyster. Take a look at our trendy collection of heels that suit your style. 

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