Live a life with fresh breeze,
no insects.

Ultimate Magnetic Screen Door


Magnetic Screen Door

Fresh Air In, Bugs Out

Automatically seals shut after people and pets, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Magnetic Screen Door
Magnetic Screen Door

Instant Closure Every Time: Powerful Magnets

Keeps your screen door firmly closed at all times.

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Magnetic Screen Door

Installation in Minutes: Hassle-Free Setup

There are two friendly ways of installation: with velcro or with thumbtacks, it's renter friendly and camper trailer friendly!

Magnetic Screen Door
Magnetic Screen Door

TOB Quality Products VS Other Brands' Product

Quality products hang longer and last longer, thanks to our visibly superior solid mesh.

Magnetic Screen Door

Easy Fit House Doors & Camper/RV Doors

Fits common house doors, sliding doors, camper trailer doors, RV doors, etc...

Magnetic Screen Door

Customer Reviews (3/50+)

Sandra Chenault
Verified buyer
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The screen was very easy to install, very high-quality and works perfectly. It is sealed well enough that no insects can get in, but you can go in and out with ease. I love it!
Magnetic Screen Door
Verified buyer
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We purchased this to keep the flies out and it’s working perfectly! It’s very easy to install it comes with a Velcro tape, our back door gets a lot of traffic so we still used black push tacks to prevent it from pulling away in the future. The magnetic weights keep it in place and closed. This is no fault of the he netting just the fact our back door has metal inside, fortunately we remember and it’s a worth while compromise.
Magnetic Screen Door
Verified buyer
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Very easy to install. Just make sure to order the right size for your door. Also make sure to check to make sure it closes before you start putting in the tacks. It wasn't hard for me to do by myself and for the price, I now can see the beautiful hills outside and get fresh air without worrying about bugs.
Magnetic Screen Door


    1. Q: What are the dimensions of the magnetic screen door?
      A: Our magnetic screen door comes in various sizes. Please refer to the size info in the Size options to select the one that best fits your door frame.

    1. Q: How is the magnetic screen door installed?
      A: Installation is simple! The package includes Velcro strips, thumbtacks, and a detailed instruction manual. No tools are required, and it typically takes just a few minutes to set up.

    1. Q: Can the magnetic screen door be used on metal frames?
      A: Yes, our screen door can be installed on metal frames. Each package includes Velcro strips and thumbtacks for extra support on all kinds of surfaces.

    1. Q: What if the screen door doesn’t fit my door frame?
      A: We offer a range of sizes, but if the fit isn’t perfect, you can return the product within 30 days for a full refund.

    1. Q: Is the screen door pet-friendly?
      A: Absolutely! Pets can go in and out freely. The magnets will snap shut behind them, keeping bugs out while letting your pets roam.

    1. Q: Can I leave the screen door up all year?
      A: While our screen door is built to withstand various weather conditions, we recommend storing it during extreme weather to extend its life.

    1. Q: Is there a warranty on the magnetic screen door?
      A: Yes, we offer a one-year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.

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