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Now shop & win TOB coins with TOB Wholesale.

Shop and earn coins

Are you a loyal customer of TOB Wholesale? Or are you just signing up with us to build your business?

In either case, TOB Wholesale is all excited to introduce an amazing coin-based point reward system. Presenting the perfect gift to everyone out there, we are all set up to help you shop more within your budget.  

Keeping in mind our shoppers’ interests, TOB Wholesale is now open to a brand new coins system- under the name ‘TOB Coins’- where you can easily redeem these coins while checking out for your purchase or in other activities associated with TOB Wholesale. 

Stick with us to learn more about it- 

How do ‘TOB Coins’ work? 

We value our customers & this is the perfect way to pay you back. Following are the keypoint of TOB coins:

  • For new shoppers- 

If you are still not registered- as soon as you register yourself with us you win instant 50 TOB coins. Making future purchases easy for you can redeem these coins whenever you want. 

  • The review coin- 

Once you have carried the purchase, leave your valuable review for us & guess what- you get 5 TOB coins right in your account. 

Your reviews bring value for us and sure will help you win a couple of additional coins so don’t forget to leave one for us. 

Shop to collect coin- Reward system

Shop to collect coin- Reward system

  • Win coins while shopping- 

With every dollar purchase carried by you, the same amount of coins gets added to your account.

For e.g: If you shop for $200, the same number of coins i.e 200 TOB coins are awarded to you. 

  • Transfer your coins into $- 

 For every 100 coins, you get $1– which can be redeemed while you checkout for your cart.   

Are there other conditions to the coin system? 

You don’t have to worry about the duration of your awarded coins. We at TOB Wholesale work towards our shoppers’ best interest and therefore there is no time limitation to your coin balance. We are open to a ‘win now & redeem later’ policy for you to take all the benefits of the reward system. 

No coin removal policy-

Are you worried about how returning policy might bring down your coin count? Again, set your worries aside as no coins will be removed if you return any of your purchased products. 

Shop & collect more coins. Right Away!

With amazing seasonal & festival offers, you get to shop for yourself, your loved ones & for your kids as well as on TOB Kids. 

Browse our store and add your favorites to your shopping cart and redeem those coins. Right Away! 

Happy Shopping! 

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