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Freshen up your winter wardrobe with best Black Friday deals on TOBWholesale.

Black Friday sale.

As we step into the month of November, the search for the coziest yet affordable winter outfits will be a hit on Google. Along with the altering season, Black Friday brings the perfect deals to fill the gaps in your wardrobe.
Black Friday is now bagging the biggest sales as compared to all other seasonal deals of the year. Being the perfect time to shop for the Christmas and winter season, you can easily shop at huge discounts and offers to rebuild your wardrobe for the season.

Speaking of the season now- winter can bring in several flavors to your lookbook. From color full and beautiful patterned sweaters to edgy yet elegant coats, there is everything to match your mood.
TOBWholesale is here with handpicked options for you to create the perfect seasonal lookbook.

Back to basics with comfortable Sweaters on Black Friday sale!

A SWEATER serves as an additional garment, sometimes worn over the shirt, to provide complete coverage from the chilly weather. It’s a wardrobe essential that comes in a variety of styles and hues. They’re constructed by knitting loops of a continuous thread together using a variety of techniques. Sweaters made using this method are free and flexible. You get to choose from different styles such as: 

  • Regular sweaters

    We all have one of these classic sweaters. It fills our hearts (and bodies) with nothing but that snug sensation. Whether we reach for it as we rush out the door or live in it when the cold front arrives, the comfort of this sweater is enough to keep us wearing it over our black leggings, it’s also why we can’t seem to break the habit.

  • Simple classic sweater.

    Simple classic sweater.


    Sweatshirts have evolved over time in terms of how they are worn. With so many different varieties of sweatshirts now accessible, this garment’s adaptability has reached new heights in terms of personal style making it the deal of the day.  


  • Cardigan

    If you enjoy layering, the cardigan sweater is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. With its different fabric weights and flexible layering concept, this style essential is also the ideal item of apparel to move from summer to winter. 

Sweater cardigan.

Sweater cardigan.

  • Hoodie

    Because the hoodie is a casual piece, whether you pair it with a semi-formal or smart casual ensemble, your style is automatically lowered on the dress code scale. Layer your hoodie with a sharper jacket for a relaxed style or simply layer it with an overcoat- your choice! 


  • Poncho

    The poncho will make the transition to winter much easier if you’re weary of dragging around a large jacket. To get the desired look, pair it with a turtleneck or any other fancy top to hype things up.  


  • Pullover

    Pullover refers to any sweater that does not have a button or zip opening. This is really simple to put on and versatile with the styling. 

  • Pullover sweater.

    Pullover sweater.


    The terms “jumper” and “sweater” are often used interchangeably to describe the same item. Depending on the fabric and style of the design, jumpers, and sweaters usually bring out the oomph factor in your looks. 


Get ‘CLASSY COATS’ for the season on Black Friday sale!

As the weather becomes cooler, it’s easy to toss style aside and reach for the warmest coat in your closet. The one that keeps you warm and cozy but makes you look like a diva. 

We’ve found the perfect outerwear pieces to revamp your winter collection, from the modest trench coat to the trend-worthy cocoon coat. These jackets are sure to turn this frigid season into your chicest season: 

  • Trench coats

    A decent trench coat, as we all know, is a timeless addition to our wardrobe that we’ll use for years to come. And an earth tone color like khaki or camel is the most classic trench coat color! 

  • Turn down collar coat.

    Turn down collar coat.

    Denim Jackets

    It’s no secret that we all have a serious love for denim jackets. They’re so classic, come in so many different variations and truly pull any outfit together in a pinch. 


  • Overcoat

    This coat has a sophisticated appearance and is ideal for professional use. It’s meant to be worn buttoned up, so if you do, it’ll give you a lovely torso definition. Add a pair of stilettos, a watch, and a statement bag to complete the look and slay like the boss lady you are.

Furry coat.

Turn down collar coat.

  • Puffer jacket

    If there’s one jacket you must have this season, it’s a puffer. The warmest and coolest styles to be caught in this winter are these huge, bulky, and insulated pieces of clothing. The puffer jacket has something for everyone, from basic black designs to giant maxi shapes and eye-catching flashes of color. 


  • Wool blend coat

    Wool-blend overcoats, which are coats that fall at or below the knees. The wool version of the magnificent autumn coats can be a fantastic choice for wrapping the winters. 


  • Plaid coat/shacket

    This season, a new wardrobe hero has emerged: the plaid shacket, a garment that combines the best of both worlds. It’s been worn open over turtleneck sweaters, buttoned up with denim jackets, and paired with everything from vegan leather leggings to distressed jeans to a matching skirt.

  • Plaid Coat.

    Plaid Coat.

    Leather jacket coat

    Leather jackets are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe since they never go out of style. Every girl has a tried-and-true leather jacket ensemble that she can rely on at any time. Feel free to put your own spin on these outfits with various color ranges including brown, white, grey, and, of course, classic black.

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Grab some amazing deals this Black Friday to recreate that diva look for the season. Build and give your collection a fresh look with TOBWholesale. From simple sweaters to elegant coats– get it all at wholesale price here along with the seasonal deals.  


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