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Activewear guide for summer

The pandemic and the unprecedented (yes, that word again) changes that followed reshaped not just our wardrobes but also our routines. Fitness, for instance, has become an even more active pursuit for many. So, it only follows that options for what you can wear to these workouts pose a giant opportunity. With a number of international brands coming along with a wide range of activewear for women, we at TOB Wholesale have all the activewear that is more than price tags & is your go-to option for the season: 

The exotic line of SWIM-SETS:

Choosing the ideal beach or poolside outfit entails much more than just a bikini or one-piece. The same thing goes on when you plan you go back to hitting the gym. A well-chosen activewear cover-up helps to tie the whole ensemble together and makes the transition from the playfield to whatever you’ve got planned next, an absolute breeze. Covering the entire range of active & pool wear, here at TOB Wholesale we present to you the exciting range of swim-suits for you to pick & choose.


Swim-suits for women

Gym-sets to train your body & mind:

The moment you think of hitting the gym- one that needs to be addressed with sincerity is the gym wear. You can be training with heavy weights or just burning those extra calories with a high-intensity workout- you must focus on the right kind of wear. Keeping in mind every requirement we have gathered the perfect range of gym wear for you to look astonishing while sweating.  Find your power-packed set here on TOB Wholesale. 

gym sets for women

Find your flow with these YOGA WEAR:

Yoga pants have embarked on the ‘style statement’ status in the millennials. From trendy & edgy prints to diverse fabric ranges- these are the dictionary example for ‘comfort’. Pushing the style statement a step further, these are paired with yoga cross tops, simple oversized shirts & whatnot. The reason behind this hype is the agility & the street style comfort that comes with them. Browse our section of yoga wear & simply hit add to cart to favorites. 

yoga wear for women

Be the sunshine with the perfect bikini:

Embracing every curve on your body- a bikini is a must-have during the summers. There are the tried-and-true sarong scarves, the classic linen button-up, and, in an unexpected twist, many bikini designers are now offering cardigans. These and more of the best swimsuit cover-ups can be found below, all of which are stylish enough to wear beyond the beach. Find our selection for exotic bikinis here at TOB. 

bikini for women

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